Wyatt Daily, Director / Producer

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Wyatt cut his teeth in surf documentaries by working alongside Chris Malloy on The Fisherman's Son (2015), and Keith Malloy on his bodysurfing classic Come Hell or High Water (2011). With an observational approach defined by exploring the relationships between mentors, students, and innovators, he seeks to present the shared experiences of fun seekers.

It’s important for younger generations to seek mentors. Learning how craft, heritage, and place define one’s community helps to define the self.
— Wyatt Daily

Justin Misch, Producer

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While working alongside Producer/Director Takuji Masuda as Production Coordinator on the documentary BUNKER77 (2016), Justin developed a keen ability to creatively navigate the fickle world of surf documentary production.  With his passion for environmentalism and storytelling, Justin’s short film Pick Up Trash won the “Best Environmental Story” award at the 2017 Patagonia Film Festival.  

I’m stoked to share this inspiring origin story with our surf community. To me, Spoons is a special opportunity to preserve the archives of some of the greatest original surf filmmakers, which might otherwise get lost in the ethos.
— Justin Misch